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A Partnership That Really Works

by Janet Newcomb of Newcomb Enterprises

Every now and then, you hear about partnerships that really work; people whose talents and personalities compliment each other with admirable results. Mike Hastings and Bill Bath came together in 1989 to build a custom home on the shores of Big Bear Lake, and what started out as a joint venture turned into one of the most successful business partnerships in the Big Bear Valley. Family men with deep religious convictions, they discovered they had a lot in common.

As they began to tackle one project after another, they recognized their ability to combine their individual strengths without duplicating tasks. Mike takes construction to the drywall stage, and then Bill comes in and finishes the project. Both interface with customers, so that everyone involved is a part of their team. By 1992, when the Landers/Big Bear earthquake hit, Mike and Bill were well-prepared to take on the difficult assignment of retrofitting the Big Bear Municipal Airport Terminal complex.

Their reputation spreading, the work load became greater with each passing year. Custom lakefront homes became their specialty. While Mike worked on the design and structural aspects of some of Big Bear's most prestigious homes, Bill communicated with the clients to ensure the transfer of ideas from concept to reality. Soon they recognized that their mission was to build zero-defect homes that would give their clients a product that they would enjoy for generations to come.

The benchmark year for Construction Junction was 1995, when Mike and Bill found themselves building five custom lakefront homes for an elite group of very demanding clients. With painstaking care, hard work, and strength derived from their shared faith, they turned out five singular homes that established their reputation at the the forefront of valley builders.

Today, Construction Junction is renowned for it's design as well as its construction. Big Bear Valley Contractors Association has recognized the company in many award categories including remodel/additions, and it won the Contractor's Design House of the Year for unlimited size homes. While they build homes of nearly every style, some of their most spectacular projects have been rustic, lakeside homes. Currently they are building and Alpine log home on Inspiration Point that is creating quite a stir in the community. Constructed from dead standing trees harvested in Montana, this 4,400-square-foot, single family home is being custom-crafted into the slope of the hillside. Mike and Bill are noticing an increase in the demand for log homes lately, and are proving to be on the cutting edge of this type of construction.

When asked what is their most difficult part of building a custom home, Mike will tell you that it is the transfer of concept from the customer to the contractor. "The average person does not see all of the intricacies conveyed on a set of plans and therefore cannot visualize the finished product. That is why it is so important to have a quality draftsman. Tom Owens has worked with Construction Junction since 1989, helping us to design what the customer is looking for. His skill and talent have been very valuable to us."

The second biggest challenge they face is coordinating efforts among subcontractors. When the ball gets handed off to Bill, there is little time left to completion and many different trades end up working under crowded conditions. It is during this time that is critical to maintain the quality and make sure that nothing gets overlooked or damaged along the way, and their intimate understanding of the client's needs enables them to pay attention to critical details.

In residential construction, there are many variables that can contribute to the frustrations of the future homeowner. Construction Junction has proven that those can be managed so that problems don't materialize. Communication and cooperation are the key. "It all comes down to teamwork," says Bill, "and there is no part of our team that is unimportant." As construction nears completion, the final teammate, the interior designer, is brought in for the finishing touches. Patti Dokter of Interiors has lent professional advice to Mike and Bill throughout the years to help create truly unique homes. "She has a wonderful eye and incredible resources," Mike notes.

The last three years have really kicked into high gear for Mike and Bill as their work load has increased and the scope of their projects has become much broader and more complex. Their goal remains the same, superior quality, and as they reflect on the value of their partnership, they can only give credit to God for holding them accountable to the expectations of their clients as they build dreams for people who choose Big Bear as their mountain retreat.

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